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A great battle is coming! Prove the might of your Alliance!

12 July 2018

Brave warriors!

The great battle for territories is coming to Arinar tomorrow, July 13! Prepare for a special battle: the third capture points will be in Ports and standards will have different amount of health points. It's time to win!

Schedule is here:
US-Sapphire - 5:00 CEST (next day)
EU-Emerald - 20.00 CEST
SEA-Pearl - 18.00 CEST
BR-Tourmaline - 02.00 CEST (next day)
RU-Amber, RU-Topaz, RU-Ruby - 18.00 CEST

Here are the rewards:
3 taken territories:
- increasing of resilience, physical and magical strength by 10%
- increasing of arena points gain by 10%

2 taken territories:
- increasing of max HP and energy by 10%
- increasing of arena points gain by 10%

1 taken territory (or 2:2):
- increasing of HP and MP regeneration by 30%
- increasing of arena points gain by 10%

Incentive prize (0:0; 0:1; 0:2; 0:3)
- increasing of physical and magical defense by 10%

By the way, these bonuses will be summarized if you get all the rewards, except the incentive one.
Rewards will be active for 1 day (24 hours)!

Don't miss it!