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The 11th Season of activities “Triumph of heroes”: bolder to exploits!

10 September 2022

Warriors of Arinar!

New brave heroes that appeared in Warspear Online at the beginning of autumn caused a serious hype in the ranks of the Sentinels and the Legion! Tirelessly develop new characters or test your strength in a fight with the Beastmaster or the Reaper - whatever your choice, the 11th Season of activities will be very useful! Daily and weekly missions, selected according to the level of your hero, await you in the Activity Center. Just remember that at 00:00 CEST, daily missions change, and the progress of unfinished missions is reset. The same happens with weekly missions every Monday at 00:00 CEST.

This season the list of rewards includes the majestic “Efor” costume, the graceful “Cat Agility” skill, seasonal hairstyles, collectible emoticons, unique minions, new legendary elixirs of unity and experience, valuable buffs, additional sections of the warehouse and many other battle trophies, among which are “Chest of Impunity”!

The chests may contain:


  • Book "Second Chance"
  • Book "Underground Speed"


  • Black Troll Costume
  • Blue Troll Costume
  • Green Troll Costume
  • Red Troll Costume
  • Purple Troll Costume
  • Pink Troll Costume

Decorative Skins of the Eternal Forest and Cursed Lands;

Unique powerful relics:

  • Icy Relic of Intractability
  • Magic Relic of Resilience
  • Terrible Relic of Control

as well as:

  • great elixirs of gladiator, unity, and experience;
  • special battle scrolls;
  • powerful potions;
  • precious bars.

кошачья прыть.png “Cat Agility” skill

The grace of cats is comparable only to their swiftness and incredible speed, which is a definite plus for the brave explorers of Arinar! The skill cannot be used during guild events, castle capture, arena battles, and underwater areas. The skill is available until the end of the season.

And for those who dream of filling their bag with useful contents, the Battle Pass will come in handy, which opens a branch of unique trophies and many other additional benefits:

  • additional slots with daily and weekly missions;
  • an additional slot with a reward upon completion of all levels of the Season;
  • access to personal and guild warehouse from the quick access menu;
  • freely change hairstyles at the Personal Barber.

And after completing all levels of the Season of Activities, an additional slot with a reward will open for owners of the Battle Pass! Get an exclusive “Chest of Impunity” for every 40 points earned an unlimited number of times until the end of the season! The ability to gift the Battle Pass has been temporarily disabled.

The season starts on September, 12 00:00 CEST, and lasts through October 24, 00:00 CEST.

See you in the game!