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The "Winter Stories: Chapter IV" and “Under the rabbit's sign” week events!

23 January 2023

Dear friends!

Chinese New Year should be properly celebrated, and valuable rewards in the dungeons of the Snow Boundary will be a wishful gift for every warrior! In addition, the Black Rabbit, a friendly symbol of the coming year, has prepared an additional holiday reward for you!

  • iconic costumes "Architect Petris", "Architect Martis", "Inventor Morgius", "Fuzanglong" and "Tsiuntsi" were added in all holiday Dungeons (the drop rate increases with the level of the dungeon);
  • the rarest classless book "Enhanced Fury" was added to holiday Dungeons "Yolasweinars' obstacle Cave", "Yolasweinars' trial Cave" and "Yolasweinars' test Cave" (the drop rate increases with the level of the dungeon);
  • exclusive heroic armor sets (head, body, arms and legs) with “Rage” set bonus were added to all holiday Dungeons as an additional possible reward:

armor of 18 and 20 levels: "Yolasweinars' competition Cave" dungeon
armor of 22 and 24 levels: "Yolasweinars' obstacle Cave" dungeon
armor of 26 and 28 levels: "Yolasweinars' trial Cave" dungeon
armor of 30 and 32 levels: "Yolasweinars' test Cave" dungeon

  • x2 the daily limit of event currency “World Creation Magic” for completing any holiday Dungeon;
  • x2 Guild points for completing all holiday Dungeons.

Event time: 23.01 12:00 CET - 30.01 11:00 CET

Don’t forget about 50 prize places in the Holiday Weekly Rankings Tournament in the "Completed Holiday Dungeons" and "Good Luck Tokens" categories with incredible rewards:
1st place: iconic costumes "Architect Petris", "Architect Martis", "Inventor Morgius" and 100 Winter Kingdom Caches
2nd place: costume "Inventor Morgius" and 75 Winter Kingdom Caches
3rd place: 50 Winter Kingdom Caches
4th-10th places: 20 Winter Kingdom Caches
11th-20th places: 10 Winter Kingdom Caches
21st-50th places: 5 Winter Kingdom Caches

Tournament time: 22.01 23:00 CET - 29.01 23:00 CET

See you in the game!