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Weekly ratings tournament and the week of incredible Tokenmania!

12 November 2017

Warriors of Arinar!

Another generous week has started, and each and every one of you may get even more Good Luck tokens, as well as win prizes for weekly ratings! Valuable rewards and the main costume of the current Median Night holiday are already waiting for their owners!

Weekly ratings tournament with excellent rewards!

For the victory in any category - Good Luck tokens, Guild Points and Completed Dungeons - you will get:
1st place: Boogeyman costume and 100 Nightmares Realm Caches
2nd place: 75 Nightmares Realm Caches
3rd place: 50 Nightmares Realm Caches
4th-10th places: 20 Nightmares Realm Caches
11th-20th places: 10 Nightmares Realm Caches

The week of incredible Tokenmania!

- x2 Good Luck tokens in holiday rides: Hunting the Unseen (solo), Hunting the Unseen (group) and Four Bridges (group).
- x2 drop chance of Tickets for Rides from all bosses in Horror Circus

The event starts 12.11 23:00 CET and will last till 19.11 23:00 CET.

Good luck and see you in the game!