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Warspear 10.2 Update: Citadel's Heart. Release

23 Diciembre 2021

The time for mysteries and miracles is already coming!

On the eve of the most magical time, incredible adventures will begin in Arinar! The lord of the Snow Boundary, White beard, will again call for the help of the brave warriors of both Alliances, because his Ice Citadel is in danger! A dark rage has awakened in the heart of Noel, the progenitor of the snow elves, which threatens the magical fortress and the inhabitants of the island. Hurry to the Snow Boundary and save the holiday of the World Creation!

What awaits you in the 10.2 update Warspear Online “Citadel’s Heart”?

  • Changes to expert and basic skills mechanics
  • Holiday island with Christmas decoration
  • Raid-boss Noel and his double Fouetar with unique mechanics
  • Weekly alliance Tournament of Seneschals
  • Exciting quests and daily tasks
  • World PvE-event in the open world
  • 7 dungeons for the different groups of levels with riddles and traps
  • Explosive winter guild games on the GvG-territory
  • Alliance PvPvE-event on dedicated territory
  • Guild PvE-event in the open world with dangerous bosses
  • Thematic rides for characters of all levels
  • Season of activities “Miracle’s Whirlwind” and Battle Pass
  • New holiday achievements
  • Active and passive skills
  • New incredible rewards
  • Fun tavern with a PvP-area for all players
  • Desperate PvP-scuffles at the tavern for all players
  • Traders for gold, Crimson Corundum, and Good Luck Tokens
  • Ice chests with the richest rewards
  • New goods in the Miracle Shop, available only during the holiday
  • Gifts from White Beard for all players

For more details visit our forum!

We wish you Happy World Creation!