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Dungeons' Raiders event of the week!

08 April 2019

Do you think that you found all the pirate treasures, and the Dungeons are almost empties? Warriors, you definitely underestimated the team of Admiral Octopus, which hid so many treasures that this week will be two times more rewards! Hurry to find them ;)

The Wooden Clown was a faithful jester of the Spring King and daily entertained and amused all the guests. But after a while his funs became to scare all of the royal surroundings and even cause bouts of animal's fear. Such a transformation from a jester into a monster forced the Spring King to kick the clown out of the Palace and send him far from the Blissful Isle. No one could imagine that somewhere in the sea Admiral Octopus will meet a Wooden clown and take him to his team of monsters. Obliged to the life of his saviour, the clown is ready to die, but do not let the warriors of Arinar to the pirate treasure.

Try to find a Wooden clown in the Dungeons and carry away all the rewards, because this week they are especially many!

  • 2 rewards for the completion of any holiday Dungeon;

  • Wooden Clown costume was added to all holiday Dungeons only for the upcoming week (drop chance increases with the dungeon level);

  • 2x drop chance craft resources and precious bars from the Spring Boxes in all holiday Dungeons.

Event begins: 08.04.2019 13:00 CEST
Event ends: 15.04.2019 12:00 CEST

We wish you lots of luck and drops!