Wundermünzen kaufen

Important news from the Underwater world!

11 September 2019


The exploration of underwater territories is in full swing. Brave heroes have been able to reveal most of the secrets of the sea bottom, and the map has ever fewer unexplored depths. However, the Ship Graveyard is set to receive a series of updates that will make changes and repeatedly expand the place and ways for an exciting pastime in underwater areas, islands and grottos.

We want to be as open as possible with you, because it is you, the players, who make a huge contribution to the development of our MMO project, and the future of Warspear Online depends on the quality and transparency of our relationship. Today we want to tell you about our plans, so that you are aware how the development is going and what will happen in Arinar in the near future.

We have made an important strategic decision - to release a continuation to the underwater story in the spring of 2020 to prepare a large and carefully thought through update. We understand what the release of the V sector update is important to you. But to do everything as we planned and provide you with high-quality content, more time will be needed. Yes, you will need to wait for some time, but you will not be disappointed! 

You will not only unlock a new two-stage event “Mermen Trials”, with a single-elimination system standoff, the Dungeon “Sanctuary of Tritons” and the second raid boss Orcinus, about which we’ve written in the preview and the release, but the fifth Castle of Ayvondil too. In addition, expert skills will be reworked and added, new mechanics will be introduced, and it will be very, very interesting. Trust us, we will meet all expectations!

As for now, there is an active preparation for the celebration of the Median Night. One of the our favorite events promises to be quite unforgettable this year! We won’t reveal all the secrets yet, but soon you will learn everything from the preview.

Thank you for your patience, attention and dedication to the project!