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Update Warspear Online 11.0: New Legends. Preview

30 August 2022

Dear friends!

The news about the upcoming journey to the unknown lands of the Chainless League, which appeared in the midst of the celebration of Warspear Online’s birthday, caused serious excitement among the folks inhabiting Arinar. Fearing that the successful conquest of the Almahad by one of the Alliances might upset the delicate balance in the War for the Spear, the forces of the Legion and the Sentinels called on the makers of peace. And again the gods responded to the pleas for help, breathing life into those who are destined to become the new legends of Arinar…

So, it's time to take a closer look at two new classes! A full set of skills and talents will be available for each of them, so that new heroes can immediately rush into the thick of battle!

Hurry to the forum for all the details!