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Update Warspear Online 11.1: Shadows of Morsilvania. Release

27 Oktober 2022

Horror Circus is already in Arinar!

This year the celebration will take place on the gloomy and mysterious island of Morsilvania, known for its ominous fog, gloomy forest, the ruins of ancient ziggurats and the Black Castle towering in the center of the island. Since ancient times, this island has become a habitat for vampires, whose intrigues have gone too far! It looks like Sam Hein needs the help of the defenders of Arinar again!

In update 11.1 "Shadows of Morsilvania" you will find:

  • New holiday island with vampires and werewolves
  • Exciting story and daily quests
  • Raid bosses - vampire lords Uzmak the Cruel, Master Tarrinis, and Velorina de Rouen
  • Weekly guild tournament with valuable rewards
  • Event currency “Essence of Horror” for leveling a new talents
  • Unique event talents of Median Night
  • Sinister dungeons with crazy vampire hunters
  • Mass raid throughout the island with rewards for each stage
  • Tournament guild event on GvG territory with unique mechanics
  • Guild event in the open world with extraordinary rewards
  • Battles with aggressive werewolves - bosses of territories
  • Guild event in a dedicated area with unique mechanics
  • Extreme rides for characters of all levels
  • Fun PvP-battles in the tavern for all players
  • The 12th Season of Activities and Battle Pass
  • Traders for Crimson Corundums and Good Luck Tokens
  • Holiday skills for all players
  • New unique achievements
  • Crafting of unique holiday accessories
  • Themed seasonal maps for 3v3 Crucible and 5v5 Arena modes
  • New items in the Miracle Shop, available only during the holiday
  • Gifts for all players

Hurry to the forum for all the details!