Wundermünzen kaufen

Week of thrilling bounty and Keeper of the Veil event!

26 November 2018


The Median Night is coming to an end, but there’s no time to be sad because there are plenty of treasures that are still waiting for their rightful owners. We are announcing a Week of thrilling bounty!

It was a longstanding hide-and-seek for two villains. But finally Sam Hain found The Keeper of the Veil and his secret caches with contents that were worth a fortune, which he once managed to steal.

And then it was decided that in the last week of the holiday all guests of the Horror Circus are going to receive the double (or even triple) amount of goods! So get your bags ready and hurry up to get rewards! Just remember that somewhere in the Dungeons you can stumble upon the Keeper of the Veil who hides there to mourn his treasure...

  • x2 drop chance of unique weapon with Steal health bonus in all the holiday Dungeons
  • x2 drop chance of unique weapon with Stun bonus in all the holiday Dungeons
  • x2 drop chance of unique accessories (cloaks, rings and amulets) with physical/magical damage and Steal health bonus in all holiday Dungeons
  • x2 drop chance of unique gear with Steal health bonus from all bosses on the Horror Circus
  • x2 drop chance of the Viltrim costume from the Chest of the Giants
  • x2 drop chance of Hrungnir costume and Enhanced Steal Health and Secret Power of Vampirism books from the Hrungnir’s Treasury and the Vilum Jewelry Box
  • x3 Guild points in all holiday Dungeons
  • iconic Keeper of the Veil costume has been added in all holiday Dungeons (the drop rate increases with level of the dungeon)
  • Keeper of the Veil costume has been added to Souvenir merchant
  • 10 winners of the Guild Tournament (counts for the Non-fading Glory achievement):
    places 1-3: x2 Crimson Corundums for winning the Guild Tournament
    places 4-10: all guild members will get Crimson Corundums and a Bronze Chest

Event begins: 26.11.2018 12:00 CET
Event ends: 03.12.2018 11:00 CET

We also like to remind you that there is the Third holiday Weekly ratings Tournament with 20 prize-winning places in the categories "Festive dungeons completed" and "Good Luck Tokens" with incredible awards:

  • 1st place: Keeper of the Veil costume and 100 Caches of the Cursed Necropolis
  • 2nd place: 75 Caches of the Cursed Necropolis
  • 3rd place: 50 Caches of the Cursed Necropolis
  • 4-10 places: 20 Caches of the Cursed Necropolis
  • 11-20 places: 10 Caches of the Cursed Necropolis

Event begins: 25.11.2018 23:00 CET
Event ends: 02.12.2018 23:00 CET