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Welcome update 8.4 "Underwater adventures"

28 Mai 2020

Warspear Online Update 8.4 will let you dive right into the new mysteries of the sea depths! You are to overcome the most difficult trials, to learn what unbelievable treasures are held in the ancient Mermen’s Sanctuary. Additionally, many dangerous and tough fights await you, so you can prove your strength to the entire Arinar!

What awaits you in the Warspear Online 8.4 update?

  • Breathtaking continuation of the underwater story
  • Guild cup event on GvG territory
  • New “Sea Turtle” castle with unique possibilities
  • Mysterious dungeon “Sanctuary of the Mermen” with incredible rewards
  • Most powerful heroic equipment with set bonuses in the form of skills
  • New raid boss — the primordial monster Orcinus
  • 14 new achievements, 3 of which are legendary
  • New daily quests for bosses of the Ship Graveyard
  • Fast travel for the islands of the V sector
  • New expert skills and additional available slots
  • Display all rewards in categories when entering the Dungeon
  • Active widgets for groups and characters
  • Additional panel of slots for skills and items
  • Possibility of scaling the interface and the game

Read the details on the forum!