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11th Anniversary of Warspear Online: celebration commences!

06 Junio 2019


Every year we eagerly await this day, the anniversary of Warspear Online! We were trying to save some surprises for this important date, but we just can’t wait until the day comes, so we are starting the festivities now! Gather your friends, onwards to Arinar — a lot of interesting events await you! 

Arinar’s inhabitants used to know a lot about temporal rifts, but this information became too dangerous, as the ability to travel through time could bring destruction to the magical world. The eldres decided to get rid of all records of the rifts. But they couldn’t hide all of the information, some of it leaked outside Arinar and got in the hands of dangerous villains.

Snorlar has put a lot of effort in getting this secret knowledge, and finally, he has the ability to return to Arinar from his time and take revenge on all warriors that one day stood in his way. And this time he is determined to wipe out Arinar of all its inhabitants.

  • Getting iconic bosses back: Demonologist, Beholder, Snorlar and Avenger

  • New Guild event on GvG-territory

  • 3 guild PvE events with magnificent awards

  • New gear sets with powerful bonuses are added to Champions Coliseum Dungeon

  • Unique accessories in all mythic Dungeons

  • New items in Miracle Shop: chests, costumes, decorative skins and much more

  • Gifts for all players

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