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Meet the update Warspear Online 9.1 "Infected Grunland"!

29 Octubre 2020

The Horror Circus is already in Arinar!

Sam Hein has chosen Grunland to celebrate the Median Night, but the mad Alchemist Totenhof turned this once beautiful place into a waking nightmare. A terrible disease is infecting all residents of the island and turning them into zombies, which replenish the army of the alchemist. Only brave warriors of Arinar can interfere with the villain's plans and save the holiday!

What awaits us in the 9.1 update “Infected Grunland”?

  • New holiday island and exciting quests

  • Powerful raid-boss Alchemist Totenhof

  • Dangerous territorial bosses that lead the army of zombies

  • Fun tavern with a PvP area for all players

  • Dynamic world event with chests and buffs as a reward for each stage

  • Guild tourney survival event on GvG-territory

  • Guild events in open world and on dedicated territories with incredibly valuable rewards

  • Grim dungeons, filled with the living dead

  • Rides for characters of all levels

  • Cache of Plague Island with new costumes and skins, rarest runes and crystals, deadly relics and other valuables

  • Traders for Crimson Corundums and Good Luck Tokens

  • New crafting tasks

  • Holiday skills for all players: Pumpkinid's Help and Help of Ratborg

  • New powerful equipment

  • 16 new unique achievements

  • New goods in the Miracle Shop, available only during the holiday

  • Gifts to all players

  • New thematic holiday music

For more details visit our forum!

See you in the game!