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Update Warspear Online 9.1: Infected Grunland. Preview

23 Octubre 2020


Sam Hayne knows full well how eagerly the people of Arinar are waiting for his horror show. This year, he chose the beautiful island of Grunland, which has always been famous for noisy and fun celebrations, as a place to celebrate the Median night. But again, things didn't go according to plan...

A messenger in a tall top hat demanded three gold pieces for delivering a strange-looking letter, which he called a "telegram." It reads:

"Merry Median Night! Telegraphing you from the Grunland island. Come soon, tonight will be exciting. Terribly exciting! There is a Green Plague outbreak going on, more and more sick every day! The city is besieged by an army of the living dead, they tried to overtake the post, telegraph and bridges, but their attacks were repelled so far. The rumour is that the epidemic is caused by one Totenkopf. This alchemist is genius but also obviously out of his mind. Trust me, over these years I’ve learned to get into insane villains’ heads. If he is not stopped, Arinar will quickly become a poisonous swamp inhabited by the undead! No joke! So come soon. Yours, Barker."

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