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Warspear Online Update 12.4. Age of Triumph. Release

06 Junio 2024

Brave warriors!

Prepare for exciting adventures as Warspear Online celebrates its 16th anniversary! Major Arena updates await warriors of both Alliances, with story quests for new gladiators, competitive ranked PvP battles, a revamped Arena interface, and a host of new modes and achievements! Enter the Arena's fray, explore the ancient mysteries of Arinar, defeat epic bosses, and claim your holiday rewards!

Update 12.4 features:


  • Story PvP quests with rewards for new players
  • Arena menu overhaul
  • Classification of Arena modes into new types: Tournament, Brawl, League
  • New Arena type – the League, with a competitive ranking system
  • New Arena modes: 2x2 Retribution & 3x3 Retribution
  • Adjustments to the 5x5 Arena, 3x3 Crucible, 4x4 Crucible, 4x4 Temple of Seals, 5x5 Temple of Seals modes
  • Arena Season menu redesign
  • New Arena achievements


  • Weekly guild tournament with bountiful rewards
  • World event with chests and buffs per stage
  • Holiday tournament guild event in a GvG area
  • New open-world guild event
  • Open-world guild events with valuable treasuries
  • Legendary raid bosses: Beholder, Avenger, Demonologist
  • Holiday guild achievements
  • New Heroic level 32 equipment
  • Activity Season & Battle Pass
  • Limited-time holiday specials in the Miracle Shop
  • Holiday gifts for all players


  • Reputation requirements removed for selected dungeons: Berengar's Tower, Rotting Garden, Termitary, Seasons Tree, Technopolis, Sea Tramps' Lair
  • Added dungeon and castle markers displayed on the mini-map and unexplored locations on the world map

​Check out the Forum for all the details!