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Celebrate the 14th birthday of Warspear Online!

11 Juni 2022

Dear friends!

It's only 14 years ago, the history of Warspear Online began on the lands of Arinar - a history full of incredible adventures, fateful meetings and amazing discoveries. All these years, the heroes of both Alliances have shown remarkable courage, tirelessness and bravery and embody the best qualities of the Legion and Sentinels.

We sincerely congratulate Warspear Online players on the game's birthday! It is thanks to you that the battles in Arinar remain bright and spectacular, the military alliances are strong and united, and the great confrontation between the Alliances continues! Thank you for your interest in the game, attention and support, and we promise that there is still a lot of interesting things ahead!

And now it's time to announce big birthday party in Arinar! Join the celebration!

  • x3 Guild points for completing all Dungeons;
  • x3 increased the daily limit of Knowledge for completing Dungeons;
  • x2 increased the amount of Knowledge for completing Dungeons;
  • x3 daily reputation limit for completing “Rotting Garden”, “Termitary”, “Tree of the Seasons”, “Technopolis” and “Sea Tramps’ Lair” Dungeons;
  • x2 reputation points for completing “Rotting Garden”, “Termitary”, “Tree of the Seasons”, “Technopolis” and “Sea Tramps’ Lair” Dungeons;
  • full sets of holiday hairstyles will be available in the Miracle Shop with 50% discount: Devil's Barber Set, Evil Barber's Kit, Demon Barber's Set, Christmas Hair Stylist Set, Polar Barber's Kit, and Snow Barber's Kit hairstyles.

Event time: 11.06 10:00 CEST - 14.06 10:00 CEST

See you at the party!