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Meet the Spring Moon Festival and Carnival in Arinar!

09 Febrero 2024

Brave warriors!

Now that you’ve vanquished all the bloodthirsty monsters of the Snowy Bound and secured the World Creation Celebration, Irselnort welcomes a chain of vivid events! Join in the festivities, but beware of the villains who will do their worst to spoil all the fun!

  • World Event: Spring Moon Festival
  • World Event: Carnival
  • Open World Guild Event: Demon Lord
  • Open World Guilt Event: Monstrous Ogre
  • Raid bosses Zhong Kui and Quibungo
  • Exclusive Offers in the Miracle Shop

​Hurry to the forum for all details!

The Spring Moon Festival and Carnival start on February 9 at 09:00 CET, and last through March 4, 09:00 CET.

Forward, for trophies!
The Warspear Online Team