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Warspear Online

Warspear Online is a globally popular free to play online game. An unforgettable journey and a unique role in this epic MMORPG awaits you!

A huge game world

Explore the unique Arinar universe! The vast and mysterious lands hold many secrets and the treasures they contain are waiting for you. Hurry along and take part in a great adventure, for there are many discoveries to be made.

Millions of players

Find friends and create your own Guild! Join battles, exchange trophies and participate in Tournaments. Eternal glory awaits everyone who stands up and faces the challenges.

Two Alliances

Choose your side in the War for the Spear! Sentinels and Legion are deadly enemies who have been at war for centuries. You are a single warrior, but even one warrior in battle can turn the tide.

Battles for everyone

Fight, together or by yourself! The great war rages between the Alliances and furious combat can be found in the arena. Make a stand in battle against fearsome monsters and also take part in combat against friends.



Mountain Clans

Many centuries ago, the highlanders' ancestors cursed their brothers, who betrayed them, and left the lands of their forefathers forever, led by their chieftain, Berengar. These people of the Clans, who settled in faraway and inaccessible mountains, had to temper both their bodies and spirits in a struggle to survive. The highlanders' memory faded with years, but their fierce hatred towards the people of the forests and plains is still alive.


The elves, or Firstborn, were created by the god, Nuadu. From time immemorial, they have protected the world from Darkness, eradicating its creatures all over Arinar and healing the wounds caused by it. For a long time after the War of the Spear, the elves never left their forests, avoiding contact with other peoples. However when a new menace, the Legion, appeared to threaten the world, the Firstborn began preparing to protect the world's balance once more.


The Forsaken, created by the black breath of the dragon, Garahan, had almost destroyed both people and elves during the age of the War of the Spear. Having suffered a shattering defeat during the Last Struggle with the Sentinels, the rest of the Forsaken Legion fled to the south of Arinar. Until recently, they have been hatching plans for the reappearance of their power, but to carry out these plans, the Forsaken will have to face the Sentinels in a deadly fight.


The god, Harad, created people so that they, together with the Firstborn, could protect the world from Darkness. Harad's children, who are freedom-loving and restive by nature, have gained the right to soon go their own way. As they made great sacrifices to the altar of victory during the war against the Legion, Harad called them the Chosen. Having created an almighty empire, they diligently shadow the power of Darkness, which grows in Arinar once again.