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Privacy Policy


     Following the user privacy policy is very important for AIGRIND LLC, so we are taking all the measures to keep confidentiality of personal data we receive from the users. The personal data we receive from the users is kept and transferred encrypted.

     Usually the users provide their personal data to AIGRIND LLC in the following cases:

  • during account registrations;
  • paying for game services;
  • receiving technical support;
  • using the game forum.

     The provided personal data may include: your name, phone number, e-mail address, IP address, browser information, username, password, and any other information necessary for us to provide or optimize the game services. Some additional information may be required for purchasing the game services – usually it contains user's billing information.

     The gathered personal data is used to identify the user in the game, on the game forum and on the game site. Also it may be used to send notifications and news concerning the game.

     We may share some of the information we collect from you upon use of the game services with third parties service providers who are engaged by or working with us in connection with the operation of the game services we provide to you. We will do our utmost to ensure that the third parties to whom we may forward this information provide sufficient guaranties of security with regard to this personal information.