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User licence agreement


Read the following license agreement with the end user of Warspear Online attentively before using the present program. Having opened this program, having installed and/or while using the program, you accept the terms conditions of the present license agreement with limited liability company "AIGRIND" (AIGRIND LLC., INN 3906216773).

The program (hereinafter named "Game Client", or "Game"), as well as any files received by you as addition, updating or any other modification of this program, are objects of intellectual property. Use of the Game is regulated by the terms and conditions of the present License agreement with the End user (hereinafter "License agreement", or "Agreement"). This Game is not intended for persons under 13 years of age. Some content may be inappropriate for young children. By signing up for an Account (or, in other words, Your Profile which includes your Login ID and Password) you are stating you are 13 years old and you have parental permission if still a minor. By accepting present Agreement you warrant that you have proper authority to enter into this Agreement, or have necessary permission from your parents or legal representatives.

1. Granting the license for limited use.

AIGRIND LLC. hereby grants to you, and you, installing the Game Client, accept the limited, non- exclusive license and the right to install Game Client for personal use.

2. Property right.

All the intellectual property rights connected to the Game and all copies thereof (including, but not limited to, any user accounts, titles, computer code, artwork, objects, characters, character names, stories, dialog, themes and concepts, character inventories, structural or landscape designs, animations, musical compositions, audio-visual effects, storylines, character likenesses, methods of operation, any related documentation), shall belong to AIGRIND LLC. or used according to the license. Company AIGRIND LLC. reserves the right to make changes and (or) delete the above components of intellectual property.

3. Responsibilities of the end user.

А. According to the license granted to you (please see above), it is forbidden to use automated scripts to collect information or for any other kind of interaction with objects of the Game, to translate, subject to engineering analysis, extract the initial code, to modify, to disassemble, to decompile or to create any derivative products on the basis of the Game, or to delete the inscriptions or marks indicating the property rights to the Game. Violation of the interdictions and restrictions stated in the present item 3 shall automatically entail immediate cancellation of the license granted to you, as well as, probably, institution of civil and (or) criminal liability.

B. You hereby agree that under any circumstances you will not have the right:

а) to sell, grant as lien or reproduce the Game, its parts and copies in any kind which was not stipulated in the present Agreement, as well as to let on lease, grant license or sublicense for the Game to any third persons;

b) to use the Game or its parts including without restriction the Game Client, for any commercial purposes without the permission granted by company AIGRIND LLC.;

c) to create or support in anyway wrongful connection to the Game servers, as well as to intercept, emulate or redirect the communication protocols used by AIGRIND LLC. with Warspear Online, by any method including emulation of protocols, tunneling, interception of packages, updating or addition of components of the Game, use of service programs as well as any other facilities;

d) to organize, assist and participate in any attacks at Warspear Online servers, as well as to undertake other attempts to interfere with their work;

e) to use another person's Account, as well as to change the data of another person's Account;

f) to exploit any bugs in the Game and bugs in the game software as well as bugs of the payment systems used for paying for the Game. If you faced with such bugs you are obliged to report about it to AIGRIND LLC.

C. You hereby agree to indemnify company AIGRIND LLC. as well as its partners, employees and agents against any damages, losses and costs which have arisen directly or indirectly as a result of your actions during the use of the Program according to the terms and conditions of the present Agreement.

4. Conditions of use.

The user is granted the right to create up to 2 (two) Accounts for Warspear Online game. During registration process login name and password for the Account will be given automatically, these data should be kept secret, and the responsibility for their safety is borne entirely by the user. You recognize that responsibility for the contents of your notifications in the Game is entirely yours. The contents of notifications in the Game is governed by the Rules of communication ( in Warspear Online (hereinafter « Rules of communication ») Infringement of the present Agreement and/or Rules of communication may entail temporary or permanent (constant) blocking of the Account. In case of blocking of the Account company AIGRIND LLC. will not return the money paid for the Game.

5. Cancellation of the Agreement.

A. The present License agreement is valid before the date of its cancellation. You may terminate the License agreement at any time, having deleted Game Client and all components of the Game granted for your use.

B. Company AIGRIND LLC. reserves the right to terminate the License agreement at its own discretion in case of infringement or learning of any intention to violate the terms and conditions and the rules stated in the present document. In case of cancellation of the License agreement under the initiative of company AIGRIND LLC., your Account may be blocked. In this case, you will not obtain any compensation from AIGRIND LLC.

6. Updating of Game Client.

AIGRIND LLC. reserves the right to update and issue Game Client. In that case, to continue the game, it is necessary for you to download the new updated version of Game Client.

7. Access to the Game.

Access to this online game is granted by company AIGRIND LLC. and is carried out through the Internet by means of your Account. The responsibility for maintenance of the relevant Internet connection and payment for the access to the Game is borne by the user. Company AIGRIND LLC. shall make any effort to provide that access to the Game is granted 24-hours a day, on a daily basis. However company AIGRIND LLC. reserves the right to suspend access to the Game temporarily, for maintenance service, testing as well as, if necessary, temporarily interrupt data transfer or to conduct other maintenance operations.

8. Limitation of liability.

Company AIGRIND LLC. shall under no circumstances bear responsibility: а) for any indirect damage; b) arising due to claims of third persons, or c) for loss or damage of any systems, equipment or software, recordings or data, even in case you have been warned or have been made aware of such damages.

9. Services in the Game.

Any services in the Game are provided solely by AIGRIND LLC. Obtaining the Game services from any third parties may result the denial of the Game access. Specification and cost of paid services are determined solely by AIGRIND LLC. and can be changed at any time. All payments for services are voluntary, definitive and non-refundable.

10. Modification in the Agreement.

Company AIGRIND LLC. may at any time modify present Agreement and amendments thereto without preliminary or subsequent notice.

11. Miscellaneous.

In case of recognition of any paragraph of the present License agreement void by court or any other legal body, the remaining part of the Agreement shall be in full legal force and effect. The present License agreement amounts to and contains full understanding between the parties as such, concerning the subject of the agreement, and supersedes all earlier -made oral or written agreements.

© Copyright 2010-2017 AIGRIND LLC. All rights reserved.