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Rules of conduct in Warspear Online


Please read the rules of conduct in game Warspear Online carefully as well as possible reasons for blocking of user accounts. Try to avoid violation of these rules while interacting with others.

Standarts of conduct in game are regulated by License agreement and current Rules of conduct in game. These Rules are mandatory for all the players. In case of violation of current Rules by the user, administration may deny this user’s further access to the service and block the character. Ignorance of rules is no excuse.
Do not forget that communication in Warspear Online game is based on principles of mutual respect. The administration watches for compliance with these rules.

Communication in the game:

  1. It is forbidden to use insults and foul language (both overtly and in a veiled form), to use provocative remarks against other players in order to make them violate rules.
  2. The propaganda of violence and discrimination on racial, ethnic, religious and other grounds is forbidden as well as spreading information that violates the laws of the Russian Federation or the moral and ethical standards.
  3. Flood (meaningless or repetitive messages which have no semantic load), doubling the topic in different forum sections and unjustified usage of Caps Lock are forbidden.
  4. It is forbidden to publish advertising information, including invitations to visit some site and links to other resources in signatures. The exceptions are links to homepages and sites of Warspear Online guilds.
  5. It is forbidden to spread knowingly false information.
  6. It is forbidden to use Pseudonym (screen name) which contains:
    • e-mail addresses, site addresses
    • foul words and expressions
    • words and phrases that violate the laws of the Russian Federation or the moral and ethical standards
    • words and phrases which resemble Pseudonyms of forum administrators and developers.

Types of penalties used by the administration of Warspear Online game:

  1. Warning:
    • foul language (including veiled form), insults
    • violation of abovementioned rules.
  2. Temporal partial denial of game access (muteness in chat, ban on trade deals, group invitations etc):
    • foul language (including veiled form), insults
    • flood (repetitive posting of similar content or one phrase, symbols, letters, words or repeating short messages), advertisement
    • begging
    • violation of abovementioned rules.
  3. Temporal full denial of game access:
    • posing as administration representative
    • triple entering of wrong confirmation code, creating or suspicion of creating of bot-characters
    • trading or offering to trade game objects, including game currency for real money
    • systematic begging.
  4. Renaming of characters and guilds:
    • foul language (including veiled form) in the name of character or guild
    • usage of names clearly resembling Pseudonyms of administration representatives.
  5. Permanent full denial of game access:
    • repeated creation of bot-characters
    • repeated sale of in-game valuables, including items and currency, for real money
    • using someone else's account, changing the data of someone else's account
    • in-game fraudulent actions
    • concealing and abusing in-game errors in a way not compliant with the game process or the EULA
    • repeated violations of the Rules of Conduct and repeated temporary block of access to the game by the administration.