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Warspear Online Update 9.4: Forward to the Past. Release

10 June 2021

Warspear Online celebrates its birthday with exciting events from the history of Arinar. Travel back in time for new adventures!

  • Gifts for everyone in honor of the game's birthday
  • New world event on Ayvondil, "Arrival of Tlalocs"
  • "Shadows of the Past" World Event
  • New alliance event "Battle of Clamont Island"
  • "Ash Arena" GvG tournament event
  • Return of the legendary raid bosses
  • Season of activities with weekly and daily tasks
  • Battle Pass with unique rewards and benefits for players
  • "Cache of the Coming Past" with new costumes and skins, rare runes and crystals, relics and other valuables
  • New level 30 equipment with rare bonuses
  • New mighty minion "Summon Lizardman Priest"
  • 4 new legendary achievements
  • Additional goods purchasable with Pirates' Doubloons

Additionally, with update 9.4, many things in the game will be improved:

  • Personal warehouse for characters will appear
  • filtering and sorting items by category will be added to the bag and warehouse
  • the underwater talent tree will be expanded
  • titular achievements on guild events
  • dynamic quests of the V sector will become available
  • the “Personal Barber” menu was added, there you can choose a new image for your hero
  • updated graphics of Irselnort — you will be visually delighted!
  • improved main soundtrack

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