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Important changes. Game servers restart.

13 Julho 2020

Dear players!

Tomorrow, 14.07.2020, at 09:30 CEST, the servers will be restarted due to performing maintenance work. After the reboot, the following changes will be implemented:

  • adjusted the mechanics of the mythical difficulty level of the “Tree of the Season” dungeon, so that it can be completed significantly faster;
  • fixed the error due to which upon leaving the guild during a GvG-event, erroneous interactive objects appeared near the statue of resurrection;
  • fixed the error that prevened entering the game if the character left the guild during a GvG event;
  • fixed the error due to which sometimes the game servers were unavailable;
  • fixed the error due to which the set skills of the new 32 level equipment started recharging after entering the arena and after the battle;
  • added a limit to the number of Demonologist’s summoned creatures during the battle in the Hall of the Avenger;
  • fixed the error due to which the character remained in the camp during a siege even after the guardian of the castle is defeated and the second stage of capture has started;
  • fixed the error due to which creatures, summoned with skills, remained on the location without accompanying their owner, instead of following them.

Please also don’t forget that used elixirs and minions are paused and seeker’s endurance will be restored if at the moment of the reboot the player was in a dungeon.

The game will be unavailable for roughly 20 minutes.

Please don’t plan anything important for that time. We apologize for any inconvenience.