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Game servers stop. Farewell to the Median Night holiday!

06 December 2021


It's time to say goodbye to the Horror Circus: tomorrow, 07.12.2021, at 08:00 CET our game servers will be stopped due to the end of the Median Night holiday. As a result of the reboot, the holiday island will be disabled, and after updating the game client to version 10.1.3 the following changes will become available:

  • fixed a bug due to which when inspecting a character from the ratings menu, the name of the guild they are a member of was not displayed;
  • fixed a bug due to which the settings for “Effect display: other characters” were not saved when restarting the client;
  • fixed a bug that caused the client to crash when trying to enter the "effects" tab;
  • fixed a bug with incorrect display of legendary achievements in the guild menu;
  • fixed a bug that when when looking at another player, one could see a green doll of the character.

We’d also like to remind you that after the servers start, the event crafting tasks, holiday items in the Miracle Shop will become unavailable and the number of Good luck Tokens will also be canceled.

The game will be unavailable for about 4 hours.

Please also don’t forget that used elixirs and minions are paused and seeker’s endurance will be restored if at the moment of the reboot the player was in a dungeon.

Please don’t plan anything important in the game for that time.