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Update Warspear Online 6.3. Volcano's Awakening. Release.

21 December 2016

Dear players!

The World Creation Day has come to Arinar and brought evil Volcano, who threatens to melt the whole snowy island. Save the holiday and get precious trophies, unique gear, smileys, achievements, chests with gifts and many-many more!

In this update you will find:

- A holiday island with underground caves and portals
- Massive battle with fire-haired giant Volcano
- 4 raid bosses in lava caves
- New Dungeons where you can get unique belts, weapons with Rage bonus, armour with Damage reflection bonus, the Ice Queen and Aquilon accessories and many more
- Holiday chests with costumes, decorative skins, relics, runes, crystals, minions and other precious gifts
- 12 unique achievements
- Fun winter rides and Souvenir Sellers with great rewards, as well as weekly ratings
- Vendors with new costumes for Crimson Corundums
- Special snow skills

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See you in the Snow Boundary!