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13th anniversary of Warspear Online!

12 June 2021

Dear friends!

Arinar was created today, and with it, a massive story of 13 unforgettable years. We hope that your hearts are filled with no less celebration than ours, because without you this world would not be as full and beautiful.

In such moments, two things are desired — not only to gratefully look back and farewell to the last year, but also to feel anticipation of the upcoming novelties, as we will continue moving forward with the same enthusiasm, to please you with worthy updates.

So, we can finally relax and celebrate well!

  • tripled the amount of Guild Points for completion of all Dungeons;
  • tripled the amount of Reputation points and the daily reputation limit in the dungeons "Rotting Garden", "Termitary", "Tree of the Seasons", "Technopolis" and "Sea Tramps Lair".

Full collections of holiday hairstyle sets and smileys with a 50% discount were added to the Miracle shop:

  • hairstyle sets: Set of the Devil's Barber, Evil Barber's Kit, Demon Barber's Set, Christmas Hair Stylist Set, Polar Barber's Kit and Snow Barber's Kit;
  • smileys: "Zomboteam", "Red Hot Jalapeño Peppers", "Bats", "Skull", "Crafty Pumpkins", "Terrible Clowns", "Sneaky Raccoons", "Unicorns", "Festive Kolobki", "Keeper of World Creation", "Jolly Penguins", "Winter", "Duck Tales", "Toads" and "Pirate Gang".

Event start: 12.06 10:00 CEST

Even end: 15.06 10:00 CEST

But that’s not all! As you all know, soon the new activity season starts, so
we will giveaway 10 Battle Passes on each server.

In order for your character to take part in the giveaway, you need to fulfill the following condition:
successfully complete any dedicated dungeon 15 times and receive a reward from it.

Giveaway start: 12.06 10:00 CEST

GIveaway end: 17.06 22:00 CEST

Happy Holidays again and see you in the game!