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9th anniversary of Warspear Online!

12 June 2017

Warriors of Arinar!

We are glad to announce that Warspear Online is now 9 years old!

"Celebrate 9 year anniversary" is a legendary achievement that is worth having, because we have been developing the game all this time with you. Warspear Online has a really talented and caring community, and this is the best gift for every game!

Congratulations to everyone and we promise that the game still has a lot ahead of it!

Only for today, a 50% discount is available in the Miracle Shop for items in the "New and Noteworthy" category, namely:

  • New Eternal Forest and Cursed Lands decorative skins;
  • Time Loop Caches that may include Dragonborn Oracle, Bone Lord, Blood Knight and Red Death costumes, Runes of Vampirism and Retribution, Eternal Forest and Cursed Lands decorative skins and other rare items (for the whole list, check the release post);
  • Novice sets for new classes.

And the main thing - weekly ratings tournaments in all categories with splendid rewards like never before! Get best results in PvP-rating, victories in Arena, Guild points, Completed Dungeons, Completed quests and Completed crafting tasks and be the one who wins: 

  • First place - Marshal of the Dark Forces costume and 100 Time Loop Caches
  • Second place - 75 Time Loop Caches
  • Third place - 50 Time Loop Caches
  • 4-10 places - 10 Time Loop Caches

Have fun and see you in the game!