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Activity Season 26: Scrolls of Time!

09 June 2024


As Warspear Online approaches its 16th anniversary, Arinar is ready to launch a vibrant new Activity Season! It's time to hone your weapons and embark on brave adventures – but be sure to check out the Activity Center for a variety of exciting missions! Keep in mind that daily missions will reset at 00:00 CEST each day, and any progress made on incomplete missions will be lost. This also applies to weekly missions, which reset every Monday at 00:00 CEST.

Extraordinary rewards await the heroes of Arinar this season! Two festive costumes are up for grabs: Noble Signor or Noble Signorita (in the free rewards branch) and the mystical Snapdragon, the primeval Ancientmobile skill, unique minions, and Signs of Imperishability. Plus, there are new exclusive smileys, Legendary Elixirs of Unity and Experience, holiday hairstyles, useful buffs, keys to Pirate and Tribal Chests, Knowledge, and other valuable trophies, including the Great Legacy Chest!

Inside these chests, you’ll find:


  • Book of Second Chance
  • Book of Underground Speed


  • Snorlar Costume
  • Demonologist Costume
  • Beholder Costume
  • Bonewinged Guard Costume
  • Eeyecatl
  • Maradish
  • Valariya

Eternal Forest and Cursed Lands Decorative Skins

And also:

  • Great Gladiator’s, Unity, and Experience Elixirs
  • Special Combat Scrolls
  • Powerful Potions
  • Precious Bars

For all those looking to earn more Season Points and reap a bounty of lavish rewards, be sure to activate the Battle Pass, which unlocks an entire branch of unique rewards! The Battle Pass also features:

  • More daily and weekly mission slots
  • Quick access to the Personal and Guild Storages
  • Free hairstyle changes at the Personal Hairdresser
  • Personal Knowledge Bank

On top of that, once you have redeemed all of your season rewards, the Battle Pass will unlock an additional reward slot containing the Great Legacy Chest for every 40 points earned! Best of all, you can redeem this chest over and over again until the end of the season!

Also, don't miss out on the opportunity to gift the Battle Pass to any character level 6 or higher within your Alliance and game realm! Try it out right from the Activity Center!

The new Activity Season begins on June 10, 00:00 CEST, and lasts through July 22, 00:00 CEST.

See you in the game!
The Warspear Online Team