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Best Minion Contest - 2019

30 April 2019


In the post "In Development", we lifted to you the veil of secrecy over the V sector of Ayvondil. Underwater adventure won't be easy, but for solo travelers this task will be almost overwhelming! For those who didn't have time to make fellow warriors, the solution can be a faithful servant who is ready to follow his master to the uttermost dangerous depths of the underwater world.

“I ventured out into the domains of Tritons and Frogles, diving all the way into the never-ending abyss underwater - where my mind I almost lost, dancing to the chords echoing from sunken ships, in contrast to the mumbled prayers of wrecked souls in the violent swing of deep sea currents, doomed to eternal illusion and hazard..

Until a lucent skinned creature of unique structure and extreme intellect, rescued me from the phantom deadly serenade. Time after time, my encounters with underwater dwellers, became a journey of discovery and generous learning about existence beneath the surface. A whole world of unique creatures, possessors of abilities and might yet unseen.

The time I feared has come, when our races alone can no longer protect this world from the evil drawing nearer. But with the help of those creatures, you could find the way to the Artifact. And the power needed to fight the dangers lies within them..”


We present to your attention - the "Best Minion Contest - 2019"!

Don't miss the chance to show your creative abilities in drawing, writing exciting descriptions and even developing new abilities. Contribute to the development of the project and get a great reward! Perhaps your creation will become a welcome assistant for many seekers of underwater treasures.

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