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Event of the week: Power of the Guild!

13 February 2017

Warriors, you have never been more powerful and united: the amount of guilds in Arinar has reached 15000! To celebrate this outstanding event, astrologers proclaim the week of Guilds, which means more precious rewards and excellent discounts for all of you!

  • 15 finalists of the Guild Tournament (counts for the "Neverfading glory" achievement):

— Places 1-3: the double amount of Crimson Corundums for winning the Guild Tournament;
— Places 4-10: all Guild members will be rewarded with Crimson Corundums and a Bronze Chest;
— Places 11-15: all Guild members will be rewarded with a Bronze Chest.

  • a 50% discount on leveling up a Guild from level 1 to level 6 (less Guild Points needed);
  • a 50% discount on learning all Guild skills (less Guild Points, Unity Signs and gold needed);
  • a 50% discount on renaming a Guild;
  • the double amount of Guild Points given for completing all Dungeons.

Also, during this week you can go to the guild Dungeon "Champion's Coliseum" of any difficulty level and get valuable heroic armor and empower relics — and it isn't necessary to have won the Guild Tournament to enter the Champion's Coliseum!

But there's even more! The first weekly ratings tournament in the Guild Points category is waiting for you!

  • First place: Dictator's Blue Coat (some brand new costume, hurry up to become its only owner!) and 50 Unity Signs;
  • Second place: Assassin's White Hoodie (the most popular costume for Crimson Corundums) and 25 Unity Signs;
  • Third place: Crusader's Silver Armor (this costume dates back to the first true Guild Tournaments) and 10 Unity Signs.

Event starts: 13/02/2017 12:00 CET
Event ends: 20/02/2017 11:00 CET

One for all, all for one!