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Event of the week “Rush of Knowledge”: let's gain knowledge by the summer!

17 May 2021


The school year at the School of Magic has just ended, but it is not yet time to ditch the books. We have many more interesting adventures and unforeseen dangers still await you! With new knowledge you become not only smarter, but also so much stronger. You are now in a much better position to punish potential threats.

Please note that in the following week, you will have a unique opportunity to receive rare books in Dungeons, and have an increased chance for a cherished book as a reward for Guild events or boss defeats in the vastness of Ayvondil.

Don't forget about the opportunity to earn even more Guild Points for the glory of your union!

  • Enhanced Penetration, Enhanced Attack Speed and Enhanced Skill Cooldown expert skill books are added to all mythic Dungeons (drop chance increases with dungeon level);
  • Expert skill books for every class (162 in total!) are added to all hard, heroic and mythic Dungeons;
  • x2 drop chance of Enhanced Critical Hit, Power of Spirit, and Power of Life skill books from treasuries for Invasion of Chaos, Music of Magic and Wild Hunt Guild guild events;
  • x2 drop chance of Absolute Strength and Might of the Depths non-class skill books from Pirate Chests;
  • x2 drop chance of Magic Extension, Magic Resistance, Physical Protection, Magic Protection, Enhanced Critical Damage, and Enhanced Accuracy books from the Orcinus, Captain Giant Octopus, Engineer, and Black Elm-tree raid bosses;
  • x2 drop chance of skill books for every class from bosses on the Ship Graveyard;
  • x2 Guild Points for completing all Dungeons.

In addition, do not miss the chance to get one of the 15 prizes in the Guild Tournament (counts for the Non-fading Glory achievement):

places 1-3: x3 Crimson Corundums for the victory in the guild tournament and all guild members will get a Gold coffer;
places 4-10: all guild members will get Crimson Corundums and a Silver сoffer;
places 10-15: all guild members will get Crimson Corundums and a Bronze сoffer.

Event time: 17.05 13:00 CEST - 24.05 12:00 CEST

See you in the game!