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Winter Stories: Awakening of the Volcano" and Holiday Tournament!

13 January 2020


The Holiday events are gaining momentum, which means that the snowfall of amazing gifts continues! Hurry to the Snow Boundary for special rewards this week!

Arinar's old enemy Volcano has reawakened and is eager to avenge the defeats of past years. With him, as always, are his faithful helpers - the Phoenix and the Firebird. The flames are burning with intensifying menace in the Dungeons, but must not be allowed to escape from the gloomy icy corridors! 

  • unique "Volcano""Phoenix" and "Firebird" costumes will added to all holiday Dungeons (drop chance increases with the Dungeon level);
  • rare "Rapid Fury" skill book will added to "Refuge of Frantic Vafthrudnir", "Refuge of Crazy Vafthrudnir" and "Refuge of Mad Vafthrudnir" holiday Dungeons (drop chance increases with the Dungeon level);
  • x2 drop chance of rare accessories with physical/magical damage in all holiday Dungeons;
  • x2 Guild points in all holiday Dungeons.

Event begins: 13.01.2020 12:00 CET
Event ends: 20.01.2020 11:00 CET

There is also the Holiday Weekly ratings Tournament and 50 prize-winning places in "Festive Dungeons completed" and "Good Luck Tokens" categories with incredible rewards:
1st place"Volcano""Phoenix" and "Firebird" costumes and 100 Caches of Eternal Winter;
2nd place: 75 Caches of Eternal Winter;
3rd place: 50 Caches of Eternal Winter;
4-10 places: 20 Caches of Eternal Winter;
11-20 places: 10 Caches of Eternal Winter;
21-50 places: 5 Caches of Eternal Winter.

Event begins:  12.01.2020 23:00 CET
Event ends: 19.01.2020 23:00 CET

See you in there!