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Game server restart. Seeing the Snow Boundary off until the next year!

08 February 2021


It is time to bid farewell to the Snow Boundary: tomorrow, 09.02.21, at 08:00 CET the game servers will be rebooted due to the end of the World Creation Day celebration. After the reboot, the following changes will be implemented:

  • upon reviving in place with a Life Scroll or miracle coins, the character receives an effect that prohibits attacking and using abilities for 2 seconds. Any damage to the target will remove the effect;
  • upon death of a character, their minion will receive invulnerability (they cannot be attacked, but the minion itself will not fight either) until the character is revived. Also the minion will receive invulnerability for 5 seconds in case if the character was revived in place with a Life Scroll or Miracle Coins;
  • added the option of quickly using skills on yourself with RMB (right mouse button) for PC users.

Some errors will also be fixed:

  • fixed the errors with game chat due to which it was not possible to write the number 100 and links of some items were broken;
  • fixed the error due to which the character could die with non-empty health bar.

To remind you, after the servers are online again, the event crafting tasks will become unavailable, as well as holiday items in the Miracle shop, and also the number of Good Luck Tokens will be set to zero.

The game will be unavailable for around 3 hours.

Also don’t forget that the used elixirs and minions will be paused and Seeker’s endurance will be returned if at the moment of the restart the player was in a dungeon.

Please don’t plan anything important in the game for that time.