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Game servers restart 11.07 and important changes in mythical dungeons

10 July 2018

Dear players!

Servers are up!

There are some changes in the game:

Rotting Garden: Mythical level

- amount of monster's health is reduced greatly and monster's defense parameters are corrected: Defiler of the Tree, Abomination Guard, Rootwalker Watchman, Shagga the Abominable.

Termitary: Mythical level
- dungeon’s difficulty is reduced by 30% - subsidiary ambushes are removed on 6 locations.

Tree of the Seasons: Mythical level
- value of counters on killing of monster is reduced by 50-70% on 5 locations,
- the monster respawn time is increased: Druid and Bowman of Shoulder Season.

Changes in equipment
- the Energy Increase bonus is substituted by the Critical Hit bonus in items: Low Shoes of Mages of the Sacred Forest, Low Shoes of Mages of the Pyramid Valley, Low Shoes of Mages of the Black Oak Forest and Low Shoes of Mages of the Flying Islands.

Please, don't plan anything significant at this time.