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Game servers restart

22 April 2019


Please note that tomorrow, April 23 at 09:00 CEST, our game servers will be restarted due to disabling of the spring event and fixing of some bugs.

  • Added a new achievement “Dead season” for completing the dungeon “Tree of Seasons” at the heroic level in 16 minutes;
  • Changed the fraction of Sentinels’ Second-hand Dealers: now the Legion will be able to kill the Dealers in the port of the opposing Alliance on Irselnort;
  • Fixed the indication of unsuitable items for the specific classes during the exchange or purchase;
  • Fixed mismatch between damage and attack animation types of the monsters;
  • Fixed incorrect loot drop from monsters - now the level of the group is considered as the maximum level of the player that dealt damage;
  • Fixed behavior of the monster that is summoned by Chaos’ Assistance skill of the Charmer;
  • Changed behavior of the minions and monsters, summoned by skills, - now they go into a state of invisibility with the character;
  • Changed behavior of the character in a state of invisibility - the effect will disappear immediately after any attempt to hit the enemy;
  • Fixed the incorrect fatal damage display of the Aura of Fire skill of the Mage and Death Call skill of the Death Knight;
  • Set the maximum of Imperials of Greatness for the character;
  • The skills cooldown parameter no longer affects the global cooldown of expert skills (changes will be available after the game client update);
  • Fixed the incorrect work of the Magic Relic of Deceptive Control with Stun bonus effect;
  • Fixed the incorrect work of the Magic Relic of Oppression when you apply a skill on an ally;
  • Fixed the incorrect work of the Icy Relic of Exhaustion when you apply a skill on an ally.

Also we will tell you more about some interesting changes and fixes tomorrow, so do not miss!

The game will be unavailable for about 5 hours.

Please, don't plan anything significant at this time and we apologize for any inconvenience.