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Game servers stop on 07.06

06 June 2017

Attention! On Wednesday, 07.06.2017, at 08:30 CET our game servers will be stopped due to the fixing of some bugs. The game will be unavailable for about 20 minutes.
After the stop there will be:
- changed the requirements for the storyline quest on Irselnort: Shadows of Berengar quest is not compulsive to open yellow quests on Ayvondil anymore. Now, after completion of this quest players will get Extra Pocket.
- added everyday PvP quests for killing players of new classes on Ayvondil
- added damage and heal of some minions and skills to the player's statistics on Arena and in Dungeons
- fixed incorrect work of Rogue's Stealth and Seeker's Disappearance
- fixed incorrect work of Barbarian's nature (Barbarian, obviously) and Ennoblement (Mage)
- fixed incorrect work of Relic of Immunity
- fixed the error with incorrect basic amount of health and health regeneration points (Warden and Seeker)
- fixed animation of Warden's skill Guard's Spirit
- fixed animation of Seeker's skill Harad's Shield
- fixed the error with skills of continuous energy consumption that didn't stopped working if the player left the game
- corrected rewards in Granite Guard and Jinn of Bloody Flame quests