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Great battle for territory will start on December, 30!

29 December 2016

Warriors of Arinar!
The great battle for territories will take place on December, 30. Don't forget to come and bring your Alliance to victory, because what can be better than welcoming the upcoming year with great bonuses!

Schedule is here:
US-Sapphire - 4:00 CET (December, 31)
EU-Emerald - 19.00 CET
SA-Pearl - 17.00 CET
BR-Tourmaline - 01.00 CET (December, 31)
RU-Amber, RU-Topaz, RU-Ruby - 17.00 CET

Here are the rewards:
3 taken territories:
- increasing of resilience, physical and magical strength by 10%
- increasing of arena points gain by 10%

2 taken territories:
- increasing of max HP and energy by 10%
- increasing of arena points gain by 10%

1 taken territory (or 2:2):
- increasing of HP and MP regeneration by 30%
- increasing of arena points gain by 10%

Incentive prize (0:0; 0:1; 0:2; 0:3)
- increasing of physical and magical defense by 10%

By the way, these bonuses will be summarized if you get all the rewards, except the incentive one.
Rewards will be active for 4 days (96 hours)!

Don't miss it!