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Meet the 8.1 Update - Celebration of the Dead!

31 October 2019

Celebration of the Dead has already begun!

The Horror Circus has returned to Arinar again, but there is one problem: Baron Saturday wants to drag Sam Hain into the Afterlife and permanently defeat the Prince of the Median Night. Don’t let the owner of the crossroads between the worlds accomplish his nightmare plan and ruin the holiday! Go to the island and punish everyone who came from the world of spirits!

What awaits you in Warspear Online 8.1 update?

  • New holiday island and exciting tasks for the Day of the Dead
  • Baron Saturday, the Mighty Raid Boss
  • Dangerous territory bosses who came from the world of spirits
  • A fun tavern with a PvP zone for all players
  • Global dynamic event with chests and buffs as a reward for each stage
  • Tournament guild event on GvG territory with fierce battles
  • Guild events in the open world and in the dedicated area with incredibly valuable rewards
  • Mysterious dungeons with the richest treasures of the Dead
  • Rides for characters of all levels
  • Cache of the World of the Dead with new costumes and decoration skins, the rarest runes and crystals, deadly relics and other valuables
  • Merchants with items for Crimson Corundums and Good Luck Tokens
  • New powerful 30 level equipment
  • Holiday Skills for all players: Jaw-Grabber's Help and Chupacabra's Help
  • Special skill as a reward for active participation in a world event - Vekufe's Help
  • 16 new unique achievements
  • New Miracle Shop items available only during the Median Night
  • And atmospheric holiday music

Update 8.1 details are already on the forum -