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Meet the new chapter of the glorious story of Arinar - update 8.0!

01 August 2019

Mysteries and treasures of the underwater world are waiting for you!

One of the biggest updates of Warspear Online 8.0 “The Ship Graveyard” is already available on your devices. The epic story of Arinar continues! You will find a huge underwater world, hiding many adventures and dangers within: over a hundred wonderful locations, inhabited by unprecedented creatures from the dark depths of the sea, dungeons and grottos, old secrets and great treasure. 

  • Huge underwater territory - more than 150 new locations

  • An exciting continuation of the storyline

  • Character maximum level increase to 32

  • Interaction with sea factions

  • New mechanics of Guild events in dedicated and GvG territories

  • A tree of underwater talents with three directions of development

  • Incredibly powerful equipment with unique bonuses

  • New special currency - Pirate Doubloons

  • Mysterious dungeons with dangerous traps and valuable awards

  • Unique battle mechanics with powerful raid bosses

  • Search of the treasures hidden in the sunken ships

  • The most sinister monsters of the underwater depths

  • 50 unique achievements and 6 of them are legendary

  • New expert skills and increase the number of available slots

  • New Arena category for 2x2, 3x3 and Temple of Seals

  • New unique items at the Miracle Shop

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