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Pirate Dungeons’ Raiders Event weekend

30 August 2019


You are already quite well oriented in the Underwater world and in addiction became friends with the Pirates that they decided to arrange an incredible event for you! Intoxicating ale and unique rewards flow like water - so do not miss the rare opportunity to get a huge amount of pirate treasure in these warm days of the outgoing summer.

Only this weekend:

  • 2 rewards for completing the Sea Traimps’ Lair Dungeon of any difficulty level;
  • new unique costume “Sea Witch” was added in the Sea Traimps’ Lair Dungeon - you can get it only this weekend (drop chance increases with the dungeon level);
  • x3 Guild Points for completing the Sea Traimps’ Lair Dungeon of any difficulty level.
  • 60% discount to all costume and decorative skins in the Miracle Shop

The Sea Traimps’ Lair Dungeon keeps inside a truly amazing treasure! This is where you can get the coveted keys to the Pirate chests, in which you can find "Might of the Depths" and "Absolute Strength" skill books, rare accessories of level 31 with physical/magical power, unique belts of level 29, rare weapons of level 30, unique empower relics, and also get hold of Pirate doubloons, for which you can get from a Smuggler absolutely new equipment items, bizarre food and potions with astonishing bonuses and effects. Also do not forget that the Pirates hid in the Dungeon unique accessories, armor and weapons of level 29 and many other valuable things!

And remember that for completing of the pirate Dungeon you get the reputation of Mermen - it is necessary to develop the talents of your character and get special bonuses that will help in your underwater travels.

Please note that during the event there will be no requirement for reputation in the Sea Traimps’ Lair Dungeon of easy difficulty level, so that anyone can challenge new difficulties!

Event starts: 30.08 12:00 CEST
Event ends: 02.09 12:00 CEST

See you in game!