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Sail ho! The Pirate’s Day has come to Arinar!

16 September 2019

Ahoy, warriors!

Being introduced to the sea brigands has already brought a lot of new to Arinar, for example the tradition of celebrating the Pirate’s Day. The holiday has already spread outside the pirates’ lands, so anyone willing can join the celebration!

All hands on deck! Hey, landlubber, this applies to you too! Ain’t you a pirate? Oh, you just got there? Avast, then! Pour yourself some rum and listen here, lad!

Not every Archipelago dweller is called a pirate, savvy? In the days of yore, the Archipelago drawn all kinds of lily-livered swabs, like a magnet. There were enough rapscallions of all kinds, thugs, swashbucklers and simple sutlers — such a nest of vipers! It didn’t end well — two huge gangs under the flags of Thunderbird and Albatross came at each other under the Turtle Fort’s walls. This battle was later dubbed the Rats’ Slaughter. We don’t enjoy recalling this grisly story, but today, in the Pirate’s Day, it is high time for such tales. 

What’s important is this — the Rats’ Slaughter changed the Archipelago. The survivors decided that it is time to parley. That’s how the Code of the Archipelago was agreed upon, stopping the bloodshed. Only the Sea Tramps refused it and became outlaws. But who cares about those bilge rats? A pirate is not a cutthroat, you better remember that! A pirate honours the Code and respects others… other pirates, that is! Yes, we don’t quite hold our tongues… or blades… but we do keep our word. In any case, you can deal with pirates, alright?

So pour yourself some more rum and go have fun with everyone else! It’s the Pirate’s Day, after all, blimey!

Unleash your inner corsair and have as much fun as you can, because the rarest of awards await you, pirate doubloons and the return of legendary thematic costumes. High time to fill your holds with loot and find new underwater friends!

Only this week:

  • Physical Toughening and Magical Toughening rare non-class skill books are added to all mythic Dungeons and Sea Traimps’ Lair Dungeon of heroic difficulty level (drop chance increases with the dungeon level);
  • Admiral Octopus and Captain Swordtooth costumes are added to all heroic and mythic Dungeons (drop chance increases with the dungeon level);
  • x2 drop chance of Pirate Chest Keys in Sea Traimps’ Lair Dungeon of all difficulty levels
  • 2 times increased the amount of reputation points with the faction "Mermen of the Depths" and daily reputation limit for completing Sea Traimps’ Lair Dungeon;
  • 2 times increased the amount of reputation points with the faction Thunderbird/Albatross Pirates for completing Assault of the Ship Guild event;
  • 2 times increased the amount of reputation points with the faction "Mermen of the Depths" for completing Descent into the grotto Guild event;
  • 2 times increased the amount of reputation points with the faction "Mermen of the Depths" for participation in the tournament Guild event "Invasion of Chaos";
  • 2 times increased the amount of Pirate Doubloons when opening Pirate chests;
  • x2 drop chance of non-class skill books "Absolute Strength" and "Might of the Depths" from Pirate Chests;
  • added reputation with the faction “Mermen of the Depths” as a reward for participating in the killing of the Captain octopus raid boss (everyone who was on the location at the moment of boss’s murder will receive a reward);
  • unique skins of Bloody Corsairs are added to Caches of the Ship Graveyard.

Event begins: 16.09 13:00 CEST
Event ends: 23.09 12:00 CEST

Let the wind fill your sails!