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The 12th Season of activities “Night hunt”: hurry up to get all rewards!

30 October 2022

Dear friends!

In Arinar, the hunting season for rewards comes, because the 12th Season of activities begins on Morsilvania! Not a single brave warrior can remain indifferent to adventures on a festive island and weighty combat trophies! Daily and weekly seasonal missions, which are selected according to the level of your character, are waiting for you in the Activity Center! Just remember to keep track of your progress, because at 23:00 CET daily missions change, and the progress of unfinished missions is reset. The same happens with weekly missions every Sunday at 23:00 CET.

Now it's time to find out what rewards await you this season! The list of combat trophies includes the epic “Agony” costume, the nightmarish skill “Naughty Ride”, the festive "Chest of Malevolent smirks" with funny emoticons, mystical hairstyles, collectible emoticons, unique minions, new legendary elixirs of unity and experience, valuable buffs, including the most useful buff “Great Intimidation”, a unique event currency “Essence of Horror”, additional sections of the warehouse and other prizes, including the exclusive “Chest of Median Night”!

The chests may contain:


  • Book "Second Chance"
  • Book "Underground Speed"

Book "Second Chance"
Instantly resurrects the character's minion and applies the “Invincible” buff for 10 sec. once during the lifetime of the minion.

Book "Underground Speed"
Increases the character's movement speed in the selected dungeons by 10%.


  • Puppeteer
  • Petruccio's Garb
  • Coviello's Garb
  • Punchinello's Garb
  • Arlekin's Garb
  • Jester's Costume
  • Joker
  • Valdemar
  • Boogeyman
  • Hrungnir
  • Alchemist Totenhof
  • Baron Saturday

Unique powerful relic:

  • Terrible Relic of Control

Terrible Relic of Control
Increases the duration of the effect of the skill by 25% with a chance equal to the value of the “Life Steal” parameter.

Decorative Skins of the Eternal Forest and Cursed Lands;

as well as:

  • great elixirs of gladiator, unity, and experience;
  • special battle scrolls;
  • powerful potions;
  • precious bars.

icon_skill_659.png Skill “Naughty Ride”

Explore the hidden corners of Morsilvania with style and speed! The skill is available until the end of the season and only works on the Horror Circus. The skill cannot be used during the "Vampire Feast" event.

icon_hw22_cur.png Buff “Great Intimidation”
Increases the amount of “Essences of Horror” received by the character by 20%. Lasts until the end of the Season of activities (max 1 buff).

And for those who want to get the maximum number of trophies, the Battle Pass will come in handy, which opens a branch of unique rewards and many other additional benefits:

  • additional slots with daily and weekly missions;
  • an additional cell with a reward upon completion of all levels;
  • personal warehouse and guild warehouse from the quick access menu;
  • the possibility of a free hairstyle change at a personal hairdresser.

And after completing all levels of the Season of Activities, an additional reward slot will open for owners of the Battle Pass: get an exclusive “Chest of Median Night” for every 40 points earned. You can do it any number of times during the season!

And don't forget about the recently opened opportunity to give the Battle Pass to any player from 6 level of character as part of your Alliance and game server! You can do it right from the Activity Season menu!

The season starts at October 30, 23:00 CET and lasts until December 11, 23:00 CET

See you in the game!