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The 23rd Activity Season: Symphony of Shadows. Great deeds await!

04 February 2024

Brave warriors!

While the frosty February air smells of spring, the evil monsters from the dark corners of Arinar are not going down without a fight! It’s time to dispel the gloomy shadows, and reap some fine reward for every great deed in the new Activity Season which is just hours away! You will find level-adjusted daily and weekly missions in the Activity Center. Keep in mind that daily missions update every day at 23:00 CET, while weekly missions update once every Sunday at 23:00 CET! And note that any unfinished missions reset on update, too!

Here come the rewards! This Season brings the magnificent Magnus costume, the fantastic Star Guide skill, unique minions, helpful buffs, exclusive smileys and festival hairstyles, Extra Storage Sections, Signs of Imperishability, keys to Pirate and Tribal Chests, and other trophies, included the exclusive Chest of Impunity!

The chests may contain:


  • Book of Second Chance
  • Book of Underground Speed


  • Black Troll Costume
  • Blue Troll Costume
  • Green Troll Costume
  • Red Troll Costume
  • Purple Troll Costume
  • Pink Troll Costume

Decorative Skins of Eternal Forest and the Cursed Lands

Unique Empowering Relics:

  • Icy Relic of Intractability
  • Magic Relic of Resilience
  • Terrible Relic of Control

as well as:

  • Great Gladiator’s, Unity and Experience Elixirs
  • Special Combat Scrolls
  • Powerful Potions
  • Precious Bars

If you’re looking to fill your bag with some rich trophies, be sure to check the Battle Pass which unlocks a whole branch of unique rewards! More than that, the Battle Pass includes:

  • extra slots with daily and weekly missions;
  • access to Personal and Guild Storages from the quick access menu;
  • free hairstyle change with a Personal Hairdresser;
  • personal Knowledge bank.

On top of that, the Battle Pass unlocks an extra reward slot once you complete the Activity Season! Get an exclusive Chest of Impunity for every 40 Season Points earned! The sweetest part is that you can claim the Chest for as many times as you can until the Season comes to an end!

And don’t miss the new feature that allows you to gift the Battle Pass to any character of at least level 6 within the same Alliance and game server! You can do this right from the Activity Center!

The new Activity Season starts on February 4, 23:00 CET, and lasts through March 17, 23:00 CET.

See you in the game!
The Warspear Online Team