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The 5th Season of activities “Miracle’s Whirlwind”: wonderful rewards await!

26 December 2021

Dear friends!

Christmas and New Year's Eve are a time of miracles, and White Beard knows this very well! That is why a new winter Season of activities is about to burst into Arinar! Daily and weekly missions, selected according to the level of your character, await you in the Activity Center. Just remember that at 23:00 CET, daily tasks change, and the progress of uncompleted missions is reset. The same thing happens with weekly tasks every Sunday at 23:00 CET.

Earn Season Points and get incredibly generous rewards - a new dizzying “Whirlwind” costume, a special “Chest of Christmas Smiles” with funny emoticons, a special “Frost sprint” skill, useful buffs, collectible emoticons, unique winter hairstyles, additional warehouse sections, keys to Ice chests, as well as a unique "World Creation Chest"!

The chests may contain:


  • Favoniy's Costume
  • Wulturn's Costume
  • Auster's Costume
  • Aquilon's Costume
  • Architect Martis
  • Architect Petris
  • Chernobog
  • Mr. Grinch
  • Mortis
  • Volcano
  • Raven
  • Evil Sandro

Decorative Skins of the Eternal Forest and Cursed Lands;

as well as:

  • great elixirs of gladiator, unity and experience;
  • special battle scrolls;
  • powerful potions;
  • precious bars.

Морозный спринт.png “Frost sprint” skill

Magic sledge of the latest generation will easily help to show who is in charge of this Snow Boundary. Be careful on slippery roads! The skill cannot be used during the Winter Guild Games. The skill is available until the end of the season and is valid only at the Snow Boundary.

Don’t forget about benefits of the Battle Pass, including an additional branch of unique rewards and the new ability to choose one of two possible rewards to your liking at the end of some levels of the Season!

In addition, Battle Pass owners receive:

  • additional slots for daily and weekly missions;
  • access to personal and guild warehouse;
  • freely change hairstyles at the Personal Barber.

And after completing all levels of the Season of Activities, an additional slot with a reward will open for owners of the Battle Pass: get an exclusive “World Creation Chest” for every 40 points earned. And most importantly, you can do this an unlimited number of times until the end of the season!

The season starts on December 26, 23:00 CET, and lasts through January 30, 23:00 CET.

Dress warmly and hurry up for incredible rewards!