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The Bounty Week: the return of long-awaited trolls and even more rewards!

12 October 2020


Every year the inhabitants of Arinar anticipate the main holiday of autumn and the arrival of the Horror Circus! A special kind of awe is, of course, experienced by the new heroes that will feel the fears of the Median Night for the first time. But now it is only the preparation for the festivities, which means it is the prime time for a Week of Bounty!

Legendary troll costumes, double the amount of treasure in the dungeons, as a reward for guild events or killing bosses, additional Pirate doubloons from chests, increased guild points and daily limits of reputation from completing dungeons. Don’t miss this truly bountiful week!

  • in all heroic and mythic Dungeons added the rarest Troll costumes of all colours: black, blue, green, red and purple (drop chance increases with dungeon level);
  • rare non-class skill book Enhanced Attack Speed added to all mythic Dungeons (drop chance increases with dungeon level);
  • x2 drop chance of all weapons, armor and accessories in all Dungeons;
  • x2 drop chance of all weapons, armor, accessories, costumes, and books from all mini-bosses, bosses and raid bosses;
  • x2 drop chance of Great Kutulu, Nocturna, and Rottung Air costumes, Enhanced Critical Hit, Power of Spirit, and Power of Life books from treasuries for Invasion of Chaos, Music of Magic, and Wild Hunt Guild events;
  • x2 drop chance of weapons from treasuries for Filth's Dungeons, Lords of the Depths, Grove of Black Elm, and Rusty Wastelands Guild events;
  • 2 times increased amount of Pirate Doubloons when opening Pirate chests;
  • x2 drop chance of non-class skill books Absolute Strength and Might of the Depths from Pirate Chests;
  • x2 Guild points in all Dungeons;
  • 2 times increased the daily limit of reputation for completing Dungeons "Rotting Garden", "Termitary", "Tree of the Seasons", "Technopolis" and "Sea Tramps’ Lair".

Also, a new Guild Tournament is being announced (counts towards the Non-fading Glory achievement) and the fight for 10 prizes, the owners of which will receive Crimson Corundums, has already begun!

  • places 1-3: x2 Crimson Corundums for winning the Guild Tournament;
  • places 4-10: all guild members will receive Crimson Corundums and a Bronze Chest.

Event time: 12.10 14:00 CEST - 19.10 13:00 CEST

See you in the game!