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The "Rush of Knowledge" week event!

15 May 2023

Dear friends!

Only a few days remain before the beginning of the summer, but the desire for knowledge of warriors is still limitless! Good news for those who have long dreamed of completing the collection with the rarest book: the weekly event "Rush of Knowledge" will be a great opportunity to get the coveted trophy!

  • rarest classless books "Enhanced Penetration", "Enhanced Critical Hit" and "Enhanced Accuracy" were added to all Dungeons of mythic level (the drop rate increases with the level of the dungeon);
  • expert skill books for every class (180 in total!) were added to all Dungeons of hard, heroic and mythic levels;
  • x2 drop chance of classless books "Enhanced Critical Hit", "Power of Spirit” and "Power of Life” from treasuries for “Invasion of Chaos”, “Music of Magic” and “Wild Hunt” guild events;
  • x2 drop chance of classless books “Absolute Strength” and “Might of the Depths” from Pirate Chests;
  • x2 drop chance of classless books "Magic Extension", “Magic Resistance”, "Physical Protection", “Magic Protection”, "Enhanced Critical Damage" and "Enhanced Critical Healing" from raid bosses Orcinus, Captain Giant Octopus, Engineer and Black Elm-tree;
  • x2 drop chance of skill class books from bosses on the Ship Graveyard;
  • x2 Guild Points for completing all Dungeons.

Event time: 15.05 13:00 CEST - 22.05 12:00 CEST

See you in the game!