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The second Season of activities “Forward to the Past " is already close!

20 June 2021


Tomorrow begins the long-awaited second Season of activities, which will immerse you into a sea of exciting tasks in the vastness of Arinar. We remind you that you will be waiting for both weekly and daily tasks. Most of them have progress, so be careful: the daily tasks at 00:00 CEST change and the progress of the unfinished mission is reset to zero. This also happens with weekly tasks every Monday at 00:00 CEST. So check out the Activity Center more often to keep track of your progress and not lose it when updating missions.

Actively earn Season Points to get all the available rewards, including not only useful buffs, Mermen reputation, favorite minions, but also unique holiday costumes, hairstyles, as well as collectible emoticons and rare Chests of the Great Legacy.

The chests may contain:

  • costumes: Snorlar, Demonologist, Beholder, and Bonewinged Guard
  • festive decorative skins:
    - Gladius of the Eternal Forest
    - Scepter of the Eternal Forest
    - Kris of the Eternal Forest
    - Club of the Eternal Forest
    - Spadone of the Eternal Forest
    - Halberd of the Eternal Forest
    - Recade of the Eternal Forest
    - Baton of the Eternal Forest
    - Bow of the Eternal Forest
    - Crossbow of the Eternal Forest
    - Shield of the Eternal Forest

    - Dagger of the Cursed Lands
    - Scepter of the Cursed Lands
    - Rondel of the Cursed Lands
    - Mace of the Cursed Lands
    - Longsword of the Cursed Lands
    - Waraxe of the Cursed Lands
    - Staff of the Cursed Lands
    - Caduceus of the Cursed Lands
    - Bow of the Cursed Lands
    - Lockbow of the Cursed Lands
    - Shield of the Cursed Lands
  • great elixirs of gladiator, unity and knowledge
  • special battle scrolls
  • powerful potions
  • precious bars

Do not forget about the new benefits of the Battle Pass: the ability to use the Personal and the Guild Storage through the Quick Access Menu at any time of the game and free hair changes from a Personal hairdresser during the Season!

And, of course, among the rewards, you can also find special items to expand your Personal Storage. The Season starts on June 21 at 00:00 CEST and runs until August 09, 00:00 CEST.

Results of the Battle Pass draw!

See you in the game!