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“Theater of Horror: Act II” event of the week and the Holiday Weekly Rankings Tournament!

15 November 2021

Dear friends!

The competition of theatrical troupes in Arinar is gaining speed! The residents of Vinetta watch the great battles with amazement and delight, but our heroes still have something to surprise the inhabitants of the island with... It's time to have fun in Act II of the incomparable Theater of Horror!

  • iconic costumes “Boogeyman”, “Hrungnir”, and “Viltrim” was added in all holiday Dungeons (the drop rate increases with the level of the dungeon);
  • the rarest classless book "Distortion of Life" was added to holiday Dungeons "Sinister Puppet's Estate", "Terrible Puppet's Estate" and "Monstrous Puppet's Estate" (the drop rate increases with the level of the dungeon);
  • x2 drop chance of unique accessories (cloaks, rings, and amulets) with physical/magical power and the Steal health bonus in all holiday Dungeons;
  • x2 Guild points for completing all holiday Dungeons.

Event time: 15.11 12:00 CET - 22.11 11:00 CET

Also don't forget about the Holiday Weekly Rankings Tournament in the "Completed Holiday Dungeons" and "Good Luck Tokens" categories! 50 prize places with incredible rewards await you:

1st place: costumes “Boogeyman”, “Hrungnir”, and “Viltrim” and 100 Marionette Island Cache

2nd place: costume “Boogeyman” and 75 Marionette Island Cache

3rd place: 50 Marionette Island Cache

4th-10th places: 20 Marionette Island Cache

11th-20th places: 10 Marionette Island Cache

21st-50th places: 5 Marionette Island Cache

Tournament time: 14.11 23:00 CET - 21.11 23:00 CET

See you in the game!