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“Thirst of knowledge” week event: more resources to develop talents!

18 October 2021

Dear friends!

Are you ready to spend your time before The Horror Circus with maximum benefit? Then welcome the “Thirst of Knowledge” event! Just this week, your craving for developing Class Talents will be richly rewarded - more valuable knowledge, unique classless books and an increased amount of Guild Points are waiting for you!

Hurry up for rewards, because, as you know, knowledge is power!

  • x2 increased the daily limit of Knowledge for completing all Dungeons
  • x2 increased the daily limit of Knowledge for completing all Tasks
  • the rarest classless books “Enhanced Resistance” and “Enhanced Solidity” was added to all Dungeons of mythic difficulty levels (drop chance increases with level of a dungeon)
  • x2 Guild points for completing all Dungeons

Event time: 18.10 13:00 CEST - 25.10 12:00 CEST

In addition, don’t miss an unique opportunity to get the maximum points till the end of Season 3 of Activities, because from 18.10 00:00 CEST to 25.10 00:00 CEST the amount of Season Points for completing all daily and weekly missions will be increased by 2 times. Earn points and get amazing rewards!

See you in the game!