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Unique costumes of the Boogeyman and Mortis are in the Dungeons all week!

27 August 2018


We finish our month of retrospective with memories about the villains of the 10th year: Boogeyman who turned Horror Circus into a sleepy Kingdom, and Mortis who created an army of the living dead. Brutal battle with them is still fresh in memory, and the costumes of the villains are already hidden for you in the Dungeons  with double awards. Let’s go for artifacts! And don't forget the Weekly ratings tournament with 20 prizes.

Almost all of last autumn was in the battles, so warriors with care received news from Horror Circus…

Sam Hein and his the servants suddenly fell into a very deep sleep, and the Veil between dream and reality became so thin that Sam's dreams became real. And the whole Horror Circus has been inside of a bad dream where the dreamer was Sam himself. The reason for this nightmare - the spell of the Boogeyman, who wanted to become the new Prince of the Median Night and turn the Arinar to the world of nightmares. And only the courage of the brave warriors helped to prevent the terrible outcome again.

But the trouble never comes alone ... Before World Creation Holiday in the frosty air began to feel the breath of death. None other than the Paladin of Cold without declaring war dropped on the Snow Boundary of a huge army, consisting of the walking dead. Under the mask of the villain was hiding Mortis, bastard of the Imperial kind, equally hating the Guardians and Legion. Unfortunately for the Arinar dwellers, Mortis found a fragment of War’s Spear and acquired an almost inexhaustible source of energy. Only by bringing together all the forces, the Alliances were able to stop the avalanche of the walking dead and defeat the cruel Paladin of Cold.

Only this week:

  • Rarest costumes of the iconic bosses - Boogeyman and Mortis - are added to the heroic and mythic Dungeons;
  • x2 Guild Points for completing all Dungeons;
  • 2 rewards for the completion of any mythic Dungeon;
  • 20 winning places in the Weekly ratings Tournament in 3 categories: “Guild Points”, “Completed heroic dungeons” and “Completed mythic dungeons” with unbelievable rewards:
    1st place: costumes of Boogeyman and Mortis and 100 Caches of the Decade;
    2nd place: 75 Caches of the Decade;
    3rd place: 50 Caches of the Decade;
    4-10 places: 20 Caches of the Decade;
    11-20 places: 10 Caches of the Decade.

Event begins: 27.08.2018 00:00 CEST
Event ends: 03.09.2018 00:00 CEST

Wish you good luck and great drop!